6 JULY, 2020

Greetings From Your 2020 CIHA Committee

Greetings From Your 2020 CIHA Committee

Canterbury Ice Hockey Association

Greetings From Your 2020 CIHA Committee

It's been an unprecedented and difficult several months for many families in our Canterbury ice hockey community. And while we're quite aware that people and businesses continue to face challenging circumstances, we're thrilled to see so many new and familiar faces at Alpine Ice doing something they love, which is playing ice hockey.

Although CIHA's activities were curtailed by COVID-19 in the first half of 2020, we're pleased to say that a new CIHA executive committee has been formed and has not only been working to restart ice hockey, but also to plan for significant future improvements and growth.

Your 2020 CIHA Committee:

  • Aaron Williamson
  • Ben Warren
  • Courtney Milne (Secretary)
  • Geoff Bland
  • Jill Boul
  • Lycia Rice (Vice President)
  • Matt Sandford
  • Pip Scotter (Treasurer)
  • Robbie Banks
  • Tim McMaster
  • Tom Fontaine (President)

What Does This Mean For CIHA Members?

In the short term, probably not a lot. But we wanted you to know that we're focused on both growing ice hockey in Canterbury and, importantly, on increasing your enjoyment of the sport. And a good way for us to do that is to ask for feedback. We therefore intend to send out short surveys occasionally, and we hope you'll provide us with your thoughts. Improvements will take time, so bear with us, but your input is valuable and it'll help us work toward making things better.

We'll also be in touch over the coming days and weeks on a few other initiatives. We don't want to clog your inboxes, but we want to keep you up to date on some important developments.

See you at the rink,
Tom Fontaine
CIHA President



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