3 JANUARY, 2021

CIHA and Minors Organisational Accouncement

CIHA and Minors Organisational Accouncement

Canterbury Ice Hockey Association

Happy New Year! We hope you're enjoying the holiday season. We wanted to share an organisational development with you.

While Canterbury Minors can trace its history back several decades as a league operating within the Canterbury Ice Hockey Association (CIHA), between the years of 2004 and 2020 Minors operated as its own incorporated society (the “Canterbury Minors Ice Hockey Association” or CMIH) separate from, but in affiliation with, the Canterbury Ice Hockey Association.

In October 2020, the CIHA Committee passed a motion to welcome the Minors league to once again operate within CIHA. At a Special General Meeting in November, CMIH members unanimously voted to dissolve CMIH and merge back into CIHA. At a second Special General Meeting in December, CMIH members unanimously voted to reaffirm the decision, making it final. The end result is that Minors is once again a league within CIHA.

So how will this affect our members? In the short term, you probably won't notice much difference. But longer term, having Minors operate within CIHA will provide cost savings, reduce redundant tasks and systems, and enable tighter integration between our ice hockey leagues in Canterbury. These “behind-the-scene” improvements will help CIHA grow and improve the quality of our organisation and what we can offer to members.

We welcome the Minors back and are excited about what lies ahead for CIHA.


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